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Each puppy will come with a free 8 KG Normans Natural dog food, here is their website, .
Click on Find a Location and you can find if they sell their products in your area,  you can also have it delivered to your home .


Norman’s Naturals is a product line for dogs developed by Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. Bio-Ag has been a major supplier of natural products for livestock since 1982. At Bio-Ag, we believe that all animals deserve the best when it comes to nutrition, so we’ve created a dog food that will provide your pet with the nutrients he required to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Our unique formula is nutritionally balanced and uses many of the time-tested ingredients our customers have come to rely on to keep their animals healthy, such as Acadian Kelp Meal, flax seed, and brown rice. Try our products today. We are certain your dog will love them!

Norman’s Naturals wants the best for your dog. We have ensured that none of our pet products contain corn, not only because many dogs find this difficult to digest, but also because most of the corn in pet food is Genetically Modified. Norman’s Naturals uses natural preservatives, like rosemary extract and no artificial flavours or colours. All of our products are of the highest quality and are made right here in Canada.

Many of our customers have seen positive changes since starting our food – reduced skin problems, shinier coats and more energy are just some of the comments we have received from customers. Try Norman’s Naturals products and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed..

We named our pet food after our beloved dog, Norman. Not only was he our family pet, he was the Bio-Ag mascot for many years. Like his namesake from the television show Cheers, Norman was a bit chubby and the last to be adopted from his litter. He was a lovable and energetic dog and we miss him very much. We trust that by using Norman’s Naturals product line your dog will lead a long and happy life.

ProductsNorman’s Naturals carries dog food that is great for your dog's health and tastes great! To learn more about Norman’s Naturals dog food including nutritional and ingredient information follow the link to the dog food.

Norman's Naturals Dog Food
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