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We do our puppies updates on our Facebook page now, at
Send us an e-mail with pictures and we will do a post on our page for you :)


March 18, 2012

Hi Marc,
My husband Frank and I came and bought your second last puppy from your December 25th litter.
We have named her ECHO. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We had out 10 month old Saint Bernard Allie with us. I wanted to let you know Echo has fit in with our family very well.
Today she went with Allie to the groomer and had a bath, hair brush and nail trim. We have had her to the vet for her second shots and she is in good health.

I have attached a few photos from when we brought her home and she snuggled up to Frank on the couch.

Before long her and Allie were both on the couch together.

Today I took a picture each of her and Allie fresh from the groomer.

I will keep you posted on her progress.

Thanks Again.
Frank & Brenda



April 1, 2012

Hi Marc, 

We are having a great time with our new addition. Everybody is very excited and he has  made many new friends. The cats are still a bit hesitant but they will give in. The neighbors dogs scare him though, they are just to big! That will soon change as he is constantly growing. I have included some pictures from when we picked him up and the next two weekends here. He is very photogenic so we have taken lots but I will just pick the best.

Take care,

Ted and Denise


May 29, 2012

Hi Marc & Family,

Just wanted to say thank you for our girl Sassy, who we bought from you on April Fools Day, 2012. She was from your Jan.5th.2012 litter from Cassidy & Sam....

Sassy girl has adjusted very well and has fit perfectly into our family.

The human ones and the 4 legged ones.

She has bonded surprisingly well with our 4 yr old male Pyrenees, who she loves to play with and he with her, all the time.

 Her quiet and more laid back moments are spent laying with our older Malamute boy or next to either myself or my husband… She has such a wonderful  loving and laid back personality and loves everyone and almost everything. She just had a visit to the vet today and she weighed in at whopping 60 lbs. She doubled her weight from a month ago. She is growing like a weed for sure. We will update you again in the near future. Thank you again for letting us have her in our lives. We love her to piece's. 

Tammy & Ron


Aug 12, 2012

Hi Marc,

Loony is doing very well and has hit the 115lbs mark. We got her the stomach operation and had her fixed to minimize on future complications and we have just gotten back from our first long road trip to Maine with her. She is fantastic with other dogs, people of all ages, even my autistic 3 year old grandson and is great in a hotel. My partial pit bulls love her even though they don't like any other dogs and she has claimed our second story window seat along with the bathroom vent with central aircon. She is fully potty trained and has been since about 3 weeks after we got her although she only ever pee'd in the house so we were lucky. I can even ride my bicycle with her running on a lead along side. I wasn't sure how to post a picture of her on your site and my husband who is the technologically minded of us has been traveling so much so he never did it either.

Unfortunately with 3 dogs already we can't get another as our property wouldn't accommodate it, but she is definitely a breed I would get in a heartbeat if we were ever looking again. I will spread the word of your new puppies and thank you once again for the perfect addition to our happy family.

Yours Sincerely,
Tarryn Chan


Aug 25, 2012 

Hey marc hope everything is well with your family dogs puppies etc, im happy to let you know today jersey is 8 months old has had all of her shots gets bathed and groomed on regular basis, aswell as weighing almost 80 pounds I have attched photos to for litter you are havinng now I will keepa my eyes open and give anyone who is interested your info..thanks so much for jersey shes my best friend and is a great addition to our family, im almost 5 months pregnant and am having a little sister for her anyways take care.....bye Kristen


Oct 6, 2012

Hi Marc & family!

Hope all is well. It's been 5 months since we picked up our little bundle of joy on May 19th, who we named Caesar Maximus. It's been a great 5 months with him. He's so adorable and as of last week, weighs in at 91 lbs. He's caring and one of the most loving dogs we've had. He gets along great with our 2 others dogs. I'm sending along with this e-mail some pictures of the big guy from the day we picked him up until just today. Again, thank you so much! And enjoy the pictures of our big ball of fur.


Jan 1, 2013

Hello Marc,

hope you and your family are having a great Christmas and happy new year?

I am sending you some pictures of Stanley at 6 months.

We love him so much. He is a great additon to our family.

He weighs about 85 lbs now at 6 months.He seems to be somewhat of a local celebrity around here! More so when I am out walking with Stanley and Angus (our St. Bernese/Lab cross).Stanley is a beautiful well behaved puppy.



Jan 3, 2013

Hello Marc
wanted to send you an update on the male St Bernard puppy we bought from you back in October. We named him Harley and he is doing very well growing everyday and very healthy. He is the most lovable puppy and is great with our kids and the 2 cats we have. He loves playing with the youngest cat it is very entertaining. We would love another St Bernard puppy in the future because he is the best puppy I have ever had. I have attached a picture of him at Christmas and I would highly recommend your kennel to anyone interested in a large breed dog. Thank you again for our addition we love him very much.


Feb 15, 2013

Hi there,
my name is Mary and I wanted to update you on one of the dogs we got from you. We actually bought Sophie off of a friend of mine, Pam McAdams. Sophie has been a great joy to us and we absolutely love her. She does a lot of things that most puppies tend to do like chewing, jumping and biting. However as she is getting older she is improving. She loves going to the dog park and playing with other dogs. She will be 8 months old on February 24th and she weighs over 80lbs now. She is a very smart dog and very beautiful. We have had a lot of compliments on how beautiful she is and her coloring. I have attached some pictures since we have had Sophie. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy her and thank you for bringing us more happiness into our lives. 

Thank you :-) 



May 27, 2013

Hello Marc and Sylvie
My husband and I came on feb the 17th to check out your litter from Noisette and Calvin that were born on december 26th 2012 we adopted your last female and named her Summit.  The first day we had her we took her out ice fishing, Summit rode on the ATV out to the Ice hut and played in the snow most of the day.  Since then shes had all of her shots and went to puppy class and won almost all of the competition and got an award for most energetic puppy, she loves to play with our cat and loves other dogs and other people, shes 5 months old now and over 50lbs, she is our big suck and loves to watch tv with her daddy :)   thank you so much guys and when we are ready for our next puppy you will definatly hear from us :):)
thanks again  Veronica & Adam

Dec 7, 2013

Hey Marc Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know if you could keep us on the list for Zoe and Sam that would be awesome :)
Ive attached a few pics of Summit and our baby Brooke together, Summit is amazing with the baby they luv each other a lot and share everything lol cant wait to hear from ya with puppy news lol
Have an amazing Christmas and a happy new year :)
Veronica, Adam, Brooke and Summit


Jun 3, 2013

Hi Marc,

We just wanted to let you know that Kepler is doing really well! He has graduated from obedience class 1 and has started obedience class 2. He makes friends everywhere he goes and is so friendly and good natured with other adults, kids and dogs. He loves to play tug and romp around with his best friend Ripley the basset hound.  He is a very loving and loyal guy and we are just so pleased to have him around! I have included some pictures of him. Thanks again, we can't say enough good about the experience we had with you and valley ranch.

Jessica and Matt

Dec 09, 2013

Hi Marc,
I wanted to let you know that Kepler, our St. Bernese born to Calvin and Noisette last Christmas is doing so well! I was inspired by the other pictures on your facebook page to send you an update.
We absolutely love having him as a part of our lives, and he certainly runs things around here. We are moving from Peterborough to Toronto in January, and our house hunt was mainly focused on Kepler: We needed somewhere with a fenced-in back yard that was close to an offleash dog park. Luckily we found a place that meets Kepler's standards! Hopefully he will adjust to life as a big city dog. 
I want to thank you again for the great experience we had choosing Kepler, he is such a character and all our friends and family love him (he's even been allowed to come to work with me a couple times!).
- Jessica, Matt & Kepler


June 20, 2013

This is our St. Bernese from your December 26th litter. We love Jax so much. He is the most loving, sweet, happy dog and he just keeps getting better. Our cat loves him too and he loves her as you can see. He loves other dogs and brings a smile to everyone's face at the dog park. We love him. Thanks so much.


Sept, 8 2013

This is a picture of our Molly on her first night home .. She was so comfortable.  She is very content here and my boys love her soooo much. So does her vet ... He gave us his home # cell # girlfriends # just incase we ever have a problem after hours and need his help. He said she is the cutest dog.

Thanks for Molly. We love her

This is where Molly spent most of the afternoon while we were sailing. She loved it. We're trying to figure out where she will be next year on the boat. :)

Born June 17th to Sam and Zoe. She's a sailor!!  She is an amazing dog.  We take her everywhere and she loves it!

This is Molly and Noah sailing on Georgian bay

Jan/24 2014
Molly was born June 17 to Zoe and Sam. ( I believe ). I have sent other pics. Just updating you. She's a wonderful sweet member of our family!! Love the profile pic of puppy in Santa hat!Hi Kim, yes she was born that date.


October 8, 2013

Ben has been a great addition to our family! Ben and Rae (the cat) are always playing with each other. If Rae isn't around Ben will go looking for him its the cutest thing! they play, sleep and even eat together! When they say St-Bernard are gentle giants its really true, even though Ben is double the size of the cat he is always gentle with him! its the sweetest thing! Ben has a great character and is always looking for kisses and snuggles. We will soon have to get a bigger bed to fit both animals on it! Ben is growing up to be a smart and gentle dog! he enjoys going to the park, walks, sleeping, laying on his back, and playing with any toy that makes a lot of noise. We'd like to thank you Marc for giving us such an amazing dog! when we are ready for our next one we will know exactly where to go !


Oct, 16 2013

Hi Marc,
I hope this email find you and your family well! I just finished writing you a message on your website but wanted to send you a few photos as well.
Huey is now 8 months old and we have loved every minute with him for the past six months. He is Sam and Wendy's son, from the Feb.13 litter and he is simply incredible!
He brings us so much joy each day with his goofy personality, easy going nature and hus endless love to give... In the form of hugs and kisses, of course!
Attached are a few photos of Huey that you might enjoy. You are welcome to post these ok your website as well and we have lots more if you are interested.
Thanks again,
Lia, Jon and Huey Zifkin

Jan, 2  2014

Hi Marc,

Happy New Year!
I am writing to give you an update on Huey.Huey has been incredible since the birth of our son, Lukas.

He protects him and keeps him company. He enjoys lying with him and knows that he is delicate and different from adults.

The way he treats Lukas is really incredible. He sniffs him often and gives him "baby kisses". He will even cry when Lukas cries and always makes sure that I am tending to Lukas' needs :)When Lukas lies on his play mat, Huey will carefully lie next to him and keep him company too! In only two months they have grown to become best friends!


Oct 28,  2013

Hi Marc ! 
George had a great summer and he's a nice big healthy boy. I think he's going to top out around 100lbs. He's quite agile for a large breed, and can jump in and out of the truck with ease.  Still just a puppy inside though, lot's of fun and energy.  He loves to play tugger and chase with his rope and toys. We've noticed over the last month or so he's becoming more and more affectionate (when he's worn out from playing) and he is really becoming a fantastic big suck !  We love him !!  I've attached a picture of him playing in the yard yesterday, this picture really sums up what George is all about !!
Ted and Joan Dufresne

July 9,  2014
 Hi Marc, here's a pic my daughter took of George about a month ago. He is Shiloh and Guiness's brother. He's turned out to be a big guy at 127 pounds last month. Wow ! ...and he is a wonderful member of our family. He is very active for a big guy, playful, loves to run, and fun loving. I really enjoy all the pics everyone sends to you, they're beautiful dogs !


Nov 25, 2013

Here is "beaver"/michu:bear he is healthy with no prob and is becoming a very strong dog yet a very smart and very protective dog.we bought a dodge caravan as he would not fit in the Mercedes no more


Dec 08, 2013
Hello Marc here are some pics of our wonderful Guinness. He will be a year old on Boxing Day.he loves the cottage which is where two of the pics are taken and the other is from my husband's school. He and his brother and sisters go to school regularly and he lets the kids roll all over him. Merry Christmas! From the Dundas'

He is absolutely wonderful in every way Marc!!! We would love another of your pups especially one of Sam's babies. Let us know when he is going to be a dad!

May 13, 2014

Hello Marc! Here is a pic of Guinness swimming with his cousin at the cottage! Who knew St-Bernese were swimmers!! He loves the lake! Enjoy the spring, Sarah xoxo.

June 27, 2014

Butt too big!!!

Hi Marc, thought I'd send u a Guinness update. He weighed in at 104lbs yesterday and no longer fits on the back seat of the boat so he's had to move to the front!!!


Jan, 17 2014

Marc, when Martha and I lost both our dogs within 3 weeks in August, we were devastated. We didn't think we could have another dog until we saw your Kijiji ad.

 Tecate was just the medicine that we needed! When we picked her up that day, our doubts and fears vanished.

 Now, nearly 4 months (and 65 pounds) later, we haven't forgotten our babies, but Tecate has helped us heal with her playfulness, gentle spirit and never ending affection. She is truly a joy to have in our family and we both thank you very much.

Louis, Martha and Tecate

July 26,  2014

Hello Marc & Sylvie,

Here is update photo of Tecate, yesterday she turn 1yr.
Tecate and Amigo sure love the water.
Thank You for such Beautiful Breeds


January 25, 2014
This is our Miss Molly also born to Sam and Zoe. she is absolutely wonderful and we love her so much. Two of our three cats really love her too


May 2014

Hi Marc & Sylvie!!!
  I know it's been a while but I wanted to send you an update on Tinkerbell.
  As you can see she travels well, loves her small human owner and HATES to get dirty!!! Not sure how that's gonna work here on the farm! She's scared of the cows lol!
  At her three month check up she had a good report. She weighs 22 pounds and acts like a bulldozer but we love her bits!!!
Merci beaucoup!!...
  Erin, Emma & Addie
Oh and she finally loves her little squeaky pig


June 28, 2014

Bonjour Sylvie and Marc,

Here is Bonemine making herself at home! She is a sweetheart! We keep telling everyone that if she's such a good dog, it's because she comes from a good and caring breeder! Surprisingly her best friend is our cat, ...Cleo; they spend a lot of time chasing each other. We have lost, two weeks ago, Obélix, our Mountain Bernese, so we are very thankful for her to be such a joyful puppy!

Hope everything is ok with you! Happy summer from l'Outaouais!

July, 6  2014

Salut marc ca va bien??  Voici une photo de bonemine.  Elle va super bien et est très gentille.  Elle a un peu de difficulté avec les pipis ds maison mais ca s en vient :-).   Elle est rendu a 30lbs.

Bonne soirée

Martin et Gen

August 21 2014

Hello Marc & Sylvie,

Here is news and pictures of Bonemine. She is adorable, super nice, obedient and she now weighs 50 lbs. The first picture was taken at your place May 20th and the second one at our home on August 20th. She is growing really fast and follows us everywhere. She adores playing in the water and her best friend is our cat. We are really happy to have chosen from you our faithful companion.
Martin and Gen

Dec, 25, 2014
Merry Christmas Marc and Sylvie, from Bonemine, Martin and Genevieve.


April 2014

Bonjour Marc et famille!

Just thought you might like to see some pictures of our darling bebe, now officially named Bentley. He is just a delight. Everyone loves him! He went to the vet today for his 12 week shots and got an A+ in everythin...g. He has met the puppy kindergarten teacher and she is also crazy about him and we all realize how very smart he is. He is learning everything very quickly and still retains his very sweet temperament even when overly excited. He is very affectionate and we love him to pieces! Will send more updates soon.
Thanks again,
Valerie, Bentley, and family  

July 1, 2014

 Hi Marc! Here are just a few updated photos of our ever growing, beautiful Bentley. He is adorable and we are so happy to have him. He loves to swim and now that the weather is getting hot he regularly douses himself in the ocean or the spr...inkler! He is also a great lifeguard, trying to save us when we go in our pool or hot tub (see photo of pouting pup on the hot tub cover). He also tried to rescue his little doggy neighborhood friend when they were out swimming and tried to drag him back to shore, as to insure his safety. Such a clever pup! Hope all your lovely dogs are well and happy! Happy summer!

Thanks again,
Valerie and family from Vancouver


July, 8  2014

Cher Marc et Sylvie,

Our names are Adam and Dawn Quantrell - we bought a St Bernese pup from you in Feb 2013. Noisette and Calvin were her parents. We just wanted to drop a little note to let you know all is well and have attached photos... taken on Canada Day last week. She’s 18 months old now and 110 pounds - her name is Shiloh (Hebrew for peace in abundance). We’ve referred many potential St Bernese owners to you and most recently another one today. This prompted me to e-mail you and say hello. Everyone falls in love with Shiloh when they meet her and of course, we can’t imagine not having her in our lives! Dogs have a way of wiggling their way into our hearts!

Hope all is well with you and your family as well. We live in Prince Edward County, so if ever you are in the area, drop in and say hello! A la prochaine, Adam, Dawn and Shiloh


July 2014

Hi Marc.
We were on Holidays last week so I apologize for not responding sooner. Holly is doing quite well. We have two dogs and she has no qualms about being the Omega dog in the house.
We have 4 kids now and the youngest is one and he l...oves her and the feeling is mutual. She puts up with a lot of child antics and loves to play in the backyard with the kids. She topped
out around 110lbs which is big enough for us . Here are a couple of pics from our camping trip of Holly with my nephew.Excuse her dirt like I said we were camping. She found some very interesting things to roll in.

Jeremy Snow, Vancouver Island, B. C.


July 15,  2014

Hi Marc and Sylvie,
We are just writing to let you know how wonderful "Olaf" is and to send a few pictures for you to post.

He is growing fast! He loves spending time playing with the kids and digging in the sand. Olaf is so much fun and... the entire neighborhood loves watching him grow more every day! We will send more pictures as time goes by.

Thank you for bringing Olaf into our lives!

Darryl, Tina, Declan, Benjamin and Amelia


July 29,  2014

Hi Marc and Sylvie,
 Here is our Otto at 1 year from your 7/22/13 litter. He's an absolutely wonderful and fun loving dog. Thanks for giving us the pick of the litter. We made a great choice. From Peterborough

Jan,  2015,

Hi Marc, the boys, Otto and Theo, are doing just great. Theo has at least doubled in size and is fully house trained. He already knows several words and Otto keeps him in line and entertained. Vet visit for both coming up. We have had no issues whatsoever with these St. Bernese dogs in regards to chewing everything up. They are both highly intelligent and easily trained, albeit, ok, a little stubborn, but in a funny way, not when it counts. All the best to you. Michael and Michele.


August, 5  2014

Hi Marc and Sylvie,

Just wanted to send some recent pics of Moses, he weighs close to 50 pounds now and as you can see he loves the couch!
Hope you are both doing well,

John and Wanda Hayward


New paragraph

Sept,  13 2014

Hi Marc,
After a little more deliberation and playtime with her, we decided to go with the name Lucy.  She was absolutely amazing on the drive back to Cape Breton - best behaved kid in the car!
She's doing great, and is a big fan of her new backyard.  She's also very playful, and quite affectionate.  You might remember how our youngest daughter was a bit shy around all of the dogs at your place.  I'm happy to say that after less than a week with Lucy, the two are nearly inseparable at home.I'll send more pictures later after she's grown a little.
N. B.


September, 12   2014

Marc & Sylvie,
I can't begin to thank you enough for Augustus. In just a few short days he's brought so much life into our home and love into our hearts. I have a feeling he's going to grow into an amazing part of our family.
We're happy to have the first Saint Bernese in Massachusetts, so many people have stopped to ask about and compliment him. The long drive was completely worth it, and I'd do it again. You can tell how much pride and love you have for your dogs. It was amazing to finally meet you and I plan to keep in touch.

Danielle and Alex,

Alex snuck Augustus into work with him today and put him in the photo studio...

Feb, 6 2015

Over four feet of snow and more expected this weekend... luckily they both love it!

Feb, 15 2015

Maybe he'd be good at search and rescue lol


Jan, 7 2015
Hi Marc,
Rocky here! I’ve mastered my typing skills. I went to the vet today and got my second set of shots. I’m in fabulous health, and I weigh a whopping 20lbs at 10 weeks now. I’m a big boy! I have mastered sit, shake paw, and lay d...own. I also don’t have any accidents at all in the house because my mom said that was bad. I’m still working on the word NO but I’m getting better. I really love the snow. Anyway, I’m pretty pooped from that needle in my butt so I’m gonna go have a nap.


Feb, 20015

Hello Marc, Rocky here!
I am getting so good at this typing! I'm a sixy word per minute kinda dog with no thumbs! That just goes to show how awesome I am! I went for my second set of shots on Friday, and I am now 41lbs at 3.5 months! I gained 20lbs in one month! I'm not a chubbers though, I'm a pure big boy!
Here are a few updates since last time:
All three cats have finally decided I'm part of the gang. Usually we just hang out together being quiet. Missy is the one ...that is slowly coming around, she doesn't like to share my Mom, but she now tolerates long as I don't try to play with her. I've attached a picture of her and I sleeping on my mom. Since I came home to my new family on Dec 17th, I have learned to sit, laydown, give paw, stay, come and dance. My Mom isn't sure she made the right decision with the "dance" one because I am getting so big and she is not a big person. But she loves to dance and so do I, so hopefully I won't kill her in the next few months.
I go everywhere with my people so I get to meet a lot of new people, and EVERYONE thinks I'm the most handsome boy around. Strangers stop us all the time, and I love it because I LOVE people.
Anyway, I will let you go, as we are going for our walk, YIPPEEEEE!

Natalie here: He really is an awesome pup, and I'm so thankful we have him. He's really become one of the gang.


Jan, 19  2015

hi Marc hi Sylvie
We had a great trip home with Ryker. He slept most of the way and just at the end of the 8 hour drive he decided he had had enough it lol
but he settled in good last night with Ross.. didn't even cry all night like some pups do..
he met Abygail , our Chessie would love for her to play but Abby is old and still figuring him out lol.. i'm sure she will grow to love the little guy. . he will keep her young at heart lol
we will send along pix as he grows :)
thank you so much for the great visit , your home is just beautiful and your kennel is impressive . we definitely have enjoyed the whole experience.
poor Ryker has come from plus one degrees at your place to minus 37 degrees this morning here in frosty timmins ... we are being careful with his feet when he tries to do his business .. he is picking his feet up alot from the cold . Ross has put huge pieces of cardboard for him outside to run on to do this.. easier on Ryker's feet .. it'll warm up a bit in afternoon's but mornings are brutal here for everybody lol
thank you again for this little bundle of love :)
kim and ken

Jan,  20  2015

hello again Marc and Sylvie
some photos of Ross and his girlfriend, Vanessa, with Ryker. also sleeping with Abygail our Chesapeake Bay Retreiver. 
.. after just a few short days i cannot believe how much we all love him :)
he seems quite content and we are happy for him that he does not cry at night for his brothers and sisters and Mom. he gets into bed with Ross when he misses them and snuggles in :)
minus forty one with wind chill here again today but the little guy jumps onto porch and does his business quick quick! lol
:) kim

Jan, 30 2015

Hi Marc Hi Sylvie
some photos again lol
of Ryker with my grand baby Melody and her mom Skye at home here
Ross saying good bye to Ryker before he goes to work for the day.
and our Ryker in his winter wonderland back yard here in Timmins.
hope your holiday is going well.. wish we were with you! it's minus 38 tonight with the wind!
kim and ken


Jan, 21 2015
Hi Marc & Sylvie!

Just a quick update on "Piper". I feel like she has grown already. She was very behaved on the ride home- slept for most of it. She has already been so spoiled and everyone just loves her. She is so sweet and playful, and I can tell she is very smart already. She's not a big fan of her pen or crate just yet, but we are working on it! She will be spending some nights and some days with a doggy-sitter since I have to head back to work next week. But every day off that I have will be devoted to her! Wish I could stay home with her all the time..

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. You have a beautiful place and I love knowing that you care about your dogs as much as us new owners do :)

Here are some pictures... I will definitely be sending more.

Take care!
Kayla & Piper

Feb, 2015

Thought you might wanna see these.. she met my 2 horses today. Sorry to photo-harass you LOL
She loved the barn and was super excited to see the horses. Thankfully both my mares liked her too!


You don't photo-harass us at all, we like to receive update and pictures of our puppies :)


Jan, 24   2015
Hi Marc,

After 1 week the puppy is doing very well. We named him Sully. I haven't made it on to your website page yet but will very soon.  Anyway, we are really enjoying him and watching him grow. He has already gained 6 pounds this week. We have been giving him 2 cups per day. 
We will keep you posted on his progress.

Take care.



Jan, 24 2015,

Hi Marc & Sylvie, Stella has been in our home a week now and she is fitting in quite well.  Our Bernese loves to play with her, especially out in the snow.  She is very smart and has been doing very well with her house training and is almost good with sit.  On the way home, she napped part of the way, but then decided she would get a little adventurous and explore the car.  Everybody in our family just loves her already.  We will keep you posted with how she continues to do.Thanks so much for our new little addition Stella.Allyssa & Colin


Jan 19, 2015

Hi Marc,

My boys, their dad and I got together on Christmas Eve to surprise Carter. And was he ever surprised! Gavin handed Carter a box and pretended he had put the cat in a box as a gift for him. It was pretty funny! Once Carter saw the fluffy ball of fur and realized it was a dog of his own, he was thrilled. After a short discussion, he was named "Boone" and it really suits him!

He is almost completely house-trained, and knows a few commands such as "sit" and "down...". He is cuddly and friendly and is never too rough when he plays. He enjoys car rides, and even accompanied me to Gavin's hockey tournament which was a 2 hour drive each way. He seems to enjoy watching hockey! Ha ha. I honestly don't know how to express my thanks for how this little friend has become such an important part of our family. He is the sweetest dog we've known. We are all in love with him.

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year!
Vanessa, Carter, Gavin and Boone.


January, 27  2015

Hi marc,
Just wanted to give you an update on Bruno. He is the little pain in the ass brother(LOL) that Rocco needed. They play all the time. He's tried humping Rocco a few times, climbs over Rocco's back and slides down the other side. He's getting better in the crate at night. He's so funny and so much energy, very determined. He is definitely the cutest puppy around. He's growing and we absolutely love him.

Mara and Nick


Jan, 31 2015
Richie went for his next set of boosters today ( Jan 31 ) and he loves his new vet and got a clean bill of health. He gets the attention of everyone who sees him and he is such a wonderful little guy to have around. Training is going very well and he lets us sleep through the night now. He enjoys being brushed, having his belly rubbed and going for short walks (but he's going farther each time). We are so happy with our Richie .

Richie is a St-Bernard

New paragraph


Jan, 31 2015

Hi Marc
Just wanted to thank you again for the pleasurable experience we had when we picked up the newest addition to our family, GEORGIA. She really has helped get Roxy over the loss of her brother Eddy, Truth is it she has filled the void for all of us. Here are some pics of her progress she is now 10 weeks old 

Thanks from all of us, Ben


Feb, 2 2015
Hey Marc!
Hope all is well. My boyfriend and I purchased a St Bernese from I believe your first litter breeding them. We named him Benson and he is 2 and a half now. He is the best boy. We are now moving to Huntsville and are wanting to get another little puppy and would like a St Bernese. Are you planning on breeding more?
Attached is a couple pictures of Benson
Looking forward to hearing from you
Kayla and Douglas


Feb, 2015,

Hi Marc and Sylvie I wanted to send you an update on Parker, she's been with our family for just over a month now and we could not imagine our lives without her. She is growing like a weed, at 12 weeks she weighs 28 pounds! She is a smart little one, Doing very well with the training and happily sleeps all night in her crate. We want to thank you so much for everything I have attached a couple pictures of Parker.
 Thank you


April, 2014
Update of Brody and Braydee from Maverick and Noisette's litter Jan 30th 2014,
Brody on left and braydee on right together for a play date!


Feb, 10 2015

Update of Braydee and Brody 1 year old from Maverick and Noisette litter Jan 30 still growing Brody is about 120lbs and Braydee is about 90lbs Full of energy.



Jan, 2015

Hi Everyone, I thought I would update you guys on how Chevy is doing... He is growing beautifully he is now 165lbs. We just celebrated Valentines Day, Chevy is loving the snow and is enjoying every minute of this winter we can barely keep him inside. I am so thankful to have him in my life, he has become a wonderful member of this family. Thank You for everything hope you and your family have a safe and happy winter.I can't go anywhere without anyone asking how he is. We are very well known at the Pet Valu that is Chevy's favorite store, I can not thank you enough for everything. He is amazing, the best dog I could've asked for.



Feb, 2015

Hi Marc, So first off thank you for our new addition, Caeser. He is such great addition to our family and we love him lots. Our mini Australian Tippy and Caeser have now become best friends and love to keep other busy. Even our Cat has adjusted well. I appreciate everything you have done for us including the experience of Caeser's first flight all the way to Alberta. I have attached pictures and a video for you to see how happy he is......and spoiled. Lol


The first bed pic was the week we got him. The second pillow is today


March 2015

Hi Marc and Sylvie ! Hope all is well with you guys! Just wanted to give you guys an update on how Guinness is doing! Our little boy is doing very well and is growing SO fast! We can't believe how big he has gotten and he is only 12 weeks! Guinness is very smart and well behaved! We were surprised how smart he is and how quickly he catches on to things! He is both our little baby and I try to carry him as much I can now because I know soon I won't be able too! He absolutely loves the snow, and with the warmer days he is able to enjoy it more by being able to stay out longer! We are working on our walks and he is doing well so far! Guinness is my first puppy and I couldn't of ask for a better bread and dog who loves us very much! He loves getting his belly rubbed and is around 30 lbs! I thank you guys so much for allowing Guinness to be a party of our lives! I know you guys know how bad I wanted him!  you must be relieved I have my puppy now and I am out of your hair lol :) You made a dream come true for me! Thank you!   Colleen


April 2014

Il y a 10 mois tu ns disais qu on se souviendrait toujours de ta fête, tu avais raison :-). Ns te souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire. Bonemine est en pleine forme et parfaite santé. Elle pèse environ 110 lbs. C'est notre gros bébé et on l adore. Bonne soirée xox


Oct 2014

Marc and Sylvie   Just wanted to let you know Tucker is doing great.  I think he grows more every day.  He is a wonderful dog, listens very well and is very easily trained.  You can't help but laugh every time he is around, he is always acting silly.  Hope all is well with you will send you more pics after the parade.   Dawn,   Wallaceburg, Ont.


March, 2015

Well, it's been almost a year today now since I made the 16 hour one way trip to pick up Tinkerbell. And much like the weather last year at this time it's once again snowing, raining and freezing! I have to say though that the trip was well worth the time in the car. I can't believe she's gone from this little bundle of fur to this beautiful dog!   Here's some recent photos of Tinkerbell:) in January she weighed in at 96 lbs   Thank you so much for our beautiful Saint Bernese!!!  Erin :) 


Feb 10

Hi Marc and Sylvie,
Wanted to share some fun photos of Huey with you. Huey (St.Hubert, son of Wendy and Sam) turned 2 last Friday. We had a little party for him, served him his favourite foods and he opened a few gifts. Here are some photos of the celebration. As you can see, Lukas is now 15 months old and they are best buddies. Our family is also growing and Huey will be a big brother again in May to twin babies, a new little brother and a new little sister. He is excited to... have more brothers and sisters to care for and who will care for him. Lukas already loves to give Huey treats and to put his kibble into his bowl!
Take care,
Lia, Jonathan, Lukas and Huey,


March, 2015
Hi Marc,
Here is a Hazel update, we are very happy! I added some photos of her- she is doing great! She is very active and happy and full of mischief LOL This week she is going in for her vaccines! She LOVES Keira- she just follows her around everywhere its really cute.  She is a perfectly healthy, happy, fuzzy puppy!
Looking forward to your visit! Talk soon,


Nov 2014

Just an update, Maggie Mae is amazing we love love love her she fits in to our family so perfectly.   She has made fast friends with our Rottweiler, and the two are inseparable...

Thank you again for our wonderful addition.... Shannon and Mark From midhurst !!


April 2015
Hi Marc and Sylvie, I thought you might enjoy a couple of recent pics of George.  He was from the Dec 26, 2012 litter of Noisette and Calvin.  We just had him at the Vets office last week for his annual visit, he weights 126lbs and is in great health !  He is such a goof and a real big suck, we are so lucky to have him. 

Ted and Joan Dufresne


April 2015,
Hi Marc 
Here is a newer picture of Ben at 12 weeks.  He is doing quite well and is great friends with my cocker spaniel.  He has been gaining approximately 3 lbs a week and now weighs in at just over 23 lbs.
Thanks Ann


March 2015,

Hi Marc n Sylvie,
Its been a couple of days since we brought Stryker home and he is a bundle of joy. The kids love him and the neighborhood is already treating  him like he is the neighborhood mascot. He is doing amazingly well overnight and in crate training. Stryker picked his own name we ran different names on him and he had responded to Stryker the most.  We are beginning command training and puppy classes next wk. Stryker  has already made friends with a couple other puppies and senior dogs.Thank you again for this great addition to our family, we feel complete again. 
Sherry, Crystal n Shane.

April 2015,

Hi Marc,..... Stryker is doing amazing.  He has been learning his basics in training but does jave a huge stubborn side lol,  when he is not wanting to listen he shows it lol. Hes the star anywhere we go though. He loves the attention and i get stopped all the time for people to meet him and take pictures. He does well on the bus and in a car. He is totally loved by many.  At the vets he weighs 34 lbs at 14.5 wks and is growing so fast. Here is a couple  recent pictures after his first grooming ...Sherry, Crystal and Shane :)

June, 2015

Hi Marc,
Stryker is doing amazing. He is excelling in his puppy training and hes still gets so much attention from  anyone that meets him. People take pics and video of him all the time.  Last time at vet he weighed 50lbs at 18wks and now he weighs 57lbs.I noticed he has an amazing  birth mark its an X on his nose (see close up pic). Its our kiss me spot lol. He also has a unique spot on his tail which looks like an arrow tied on his tail. I love these 2 unique spots. He is turning out to be my boy being  attached at the hip. lol we  absolutely love him. 
Sherry, Crystal and Shane


June, 2015

Hope all is well with u and your family.
We have been enjoying our growing pup Ryker. He is such a beautiful gentle big boy. Ryker loves our grandchildren and their friends, he has in my own childrens pets. He is well loved by us all. Ryker enjoys cottage life although I suspect he prefers winter lol.
Ryker and I are taking a training class for obedience and he is a fast learner and smart boy. It is more fun than work!! Lol

Ryker and grand daughter Sophie a month... ago ..he is much bigger now lol...I am fairly certain Ryker thinks Sophie is amazing lol

Spring visit to cottage.. Ryker loves the ice.

Ryker and doggy friends and his family fishing at cottage.. He loves to catch the fish while on the line.. we have to be careful lol.

Naptime  in the grand daughters tent.


June, 2015
Hey Marc & Sylvie Piper here!
Doing awesome. She recently graduated obedience class and was voted "most improved" of the whole class! She's a smart cookie! Weighing in at 55lbs at 6 1/2months.. still a lot of growing to do. I am hoping to see an update of her litter mates soon! Can't wait to see current pictures of her brother's and sisters. She seems to have mostly her mum's (Great Pyr) personality. She is very protective of the home, loves the 2 pet rabbits and is always trying to herd them.... Quite the barker too! Lol but I love it. She has a very intimidating bark! Here are some more pics.. she's definitely looking older now. Take care :)


Happy 1st birthday to Augustus and the other 7/7 puppies!


Dear Marc and Sylvie,
 Here are a few pictures of Georgia and her best friend Sierra. She is almost 8 months old here and as you can see she is getting quite big. She is a character most of the times and makes us laugh. We do love her to death. When we take her for walks we get stopped all the time at how pretty she is. She loves other dogs, people and children. When my daughter and I had taken her for a walk we had a couple of children ask if they could pet her and then more came over to do the same, Georgia laid down on the ground and let them pet her she was very gentle. Thanks again for this gift.
Kim and Ben


Hi again Marc.....Stryker is doing absolutely amazing. He has such a loving personality which is making it real easy to have him excel in his training to become a therapy dog ( to visit senior homes, sick kids  and work with mentally and physically disabled). He was on June 30th at the vet for a checkup weighing at 69 lbs and at that time just over the 5 1/2 months old.  Here is a bunch more pictures for you. I hope i can see an update on his siblings soon. It would be amazing to see.. Say hi to your wife and i hope all is well with you From Sherry, Crystal and Shane 


Hi Marc, Rocky here,
 Just wanted to give you an update on how I was doing. I'm 8.5 months and 105lbs.  I'm growing into a nice young tween (haha).  My bark finally turned deep.  I will admit there were a few awkward months when my bark didn't match my size....especially when the neighbours dog Shila walked embarrassing!  I'm enjoying my summer so far.  I figured out how to swim!  When I first started my mom would laugh at me because apparently I looked like an old man that didn't want to get his belly wet.  But now....look out!  I have the lake, my people's pool and my kiddie pool to muck around in.  Wet and dirty – who could ask for anything more?!  The cats and I are getting along great!  Smokey chases me when we are playing and I figured out I can run like the wind.  My mom says she can't believe just how fast I am, so every once in awhile I show off by running like a lunatic at top speed all over the place...well....except for that one time I ran into the tree.  My people take me everywhere, and boy do people love me.  They always ask my mom where she got me.  A cop even pulled her over one time and when she asked if there was a problem, he said "Nope, I just wanted to have a look at your dog."  I am a pretty gentle giant, I get along with everyone and everything....except butterflies.  They were put on this earth to torture me!  Once I see one, there is nothing that will stop's game on!  I hope you like my pictures.  I have to go now, it's walk time!  ThanksRocky and Natalie


Hi Marc & Sylvie
 Hope all is well with you and your family and your fur babies. Duke just celebrated his second birthday on July 22, so to celebrate this occasion I bought him a oak barrel with the collar and his name on it. He's not quite sure what to think of this thing hanging around his neck. He has become quite the boy, at last weight he weighed 130 lbs. but I think he may be a bit more than that. He has a bit of a stubborn streak but I think he comes by that quite naturally for the saints.he can be really gentle, but mainly he's a big goof most of the time. We love him to death and couldn't ask for a better combination of breeds. I love both the Saints and the Bernese. Have a wonderful summer. Take care, Karen & Robert


Hi Marc and Sylvie,
We adore our St Bernese half brothers so much and have no idea what we would do without them. Otto is just like a slightly smaller St Bernard, and Theo is pure Mountain dog. Otto is pure protector and savior. He is the first one to ward off strangers who linger too close to the house, (yet, he never barks at the door if someone knocks, as long as we're home) while Theo stands guard. I have this wonderful video and I will try to find a way of sending it to you; my son pretended to be drowning and Otto swam out to him, let my son get a grip of his fur and pulled him into safety. The whole while Otto kept looking back to see if my son was OK.  It was quite amazing to witness.  Theo loves his mountains and loves to herd. He herds my daycare children from possible harm and always herds Otto when we call him as Otto's stubborn streak kicks in. Also very amazing to watch.
We call this picture Ying and Yang, ha ha.  All the best to you and drop in any time.
Michael and MichelePeterborough


Hi Marc & Sylvie,

Heidi is doing great !! We are going to start training her to stay in the yard and walk on a leash etc. now that she is used to her home and surroundings. Here are a few pictures of our baby. She had her first swim and did AMAZING. She is nothing but a joy to have around.


Hello Marc,
 Boomer had a great first night! He had no accidents in the house and slept quietly all night. He's such a smart and wonderful puppy... My 3 year old has taken charge of him and he has become her best friend.

 Boomer is so smart! He's already learned "sit" "here" and "gentle" He's doing great with house training and walking on a leash. He is so very well behaved on car rides and he is great with other dogs that we meet in our neighborhood. We can't wait to watch him grow! I will send you an update in a couple months to let you know how he is doing! Thank you again Marc & Sylvie... We love our Boomer!


Thanks so much for Ava. She is a wonderful addition to our family,


Just wanted to let you know we are home safe and sound fed Riley a little bit of food and he is out like a light Jersey and Avery seem to know he is just a baby and have been really gentle with him and they are all in the same area relaxing now:) love him to pieces:) I will send better pics of him and jersey together once they get more comfortable with each other!
Thanks, Candice

They are best friends now:)


Hi Marc and Sylvie, Let me start by saying how well Riley is doing as she starts her service dog training. She was great on the ride home did not cry or whine except when she needed to pee. Met great family at the gas station who wanted to take her home and someone stopped us in Lindsay to get your kennel name. Since Riley is being trained as a medical alert dog she sleeps in our bed. The first command I taught her was how to go to the bathroom on the command she had this down by the second day clever girl. I had to teach her that so when she was inside stores I could be sure we would have no accidents. She knows how to walk nicely on the lead and she knows how to sit. Come is kinda of a fluid concept for her right now all depending on what she is doing and who she is with lol. She is not afraid of any of the dogs in my pack and she loves to talk smack to the great dane who towers over her. I keep telling her that if she keeps it up she might have no where to sleep. Riley is fully crate trained and just goes to sleep if I have to leave her for any reason. Indy our Newf lies right beside her on the outside of the crate mainly because it is his and he would dearly like it back. Cody our mama dog lays directly across the front door keeping her company so she has always felt very secure in there right from the start. Currently Riley is learning how to signal me that she understands that something is going wrong in my body and we do this by conditioning her to give me a signal. Riley will signal to me by placing her nose on the inside of my knee it is a really hard spot to hit accidentally so if she tries to place her head between  knees when we are walking I will know she is trying to signal me that something is wrong.  A service dog has to be taken out and introduced to many different situations so we are first concentrating on the stores I would frequent most in my everyday life. Thank you for helping me make one of the most important purchases I will ever make because Riley is much more than a dog to me because she will eventually become an extention of me. She will help me walk when she gets larger and she will keep me safe by learning to alert me ahead of time that my body is about to fail me. Even more than this she is a fluffy ball of unconditional love who never judges what I can and can't do my performance never matters to her just my presence is enough to please her.  She is love personified. And I couldn't ask for a better partner for life.



Hi Marc and Sylvie!
Saxxon wanted me to say hi for him!
He is doing great, quite a handful and growing like crazy! He's over an inch and a half taller than when we got him and he doubled his weight since he was six weeks! Thanks again for the bundle of trouble that is also our bundle of joy!
He is definitely our baby boy!
Lisa and Paul


Hello Marc & Sylvie Just wanted to send a quick update on our Boomer. He had his first vet visit this week and is 19lbs! He's healthy and the vet techs are all in love with him! My mother in law keeps telling Boomer that if he gets tired of our house he can go live on the farm with them! From the picture, he seems to be a bit of a soccer player! He's been doing great learning to sit and be gentle. We are working on down and stay. Regards, Sarah Quesnelle


Hello Marc!  I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Murphy that we've taken.  He had his vet appointment tonight and he came in at 24.2 lbs.  He also got a clean bill of health which we expected.  He is growing so quickly!  We start his training tomorrow night and go every Wednesday and Saturday mornings for 6 weeks.  We can see a little bit of stubbornness in this little guy but hopefully with the training that will disappear.  He now sleeps through the night and his indoor 'mistakes' are very rare.  Every person that he meets falls in love with him.  When we take him on his walks and he sees something that interests him, he just sits down and watches.  He finds birds very entertaining and now, he loves trying to catch the leaves blowing on the ground! He loves sitting with us on the couch but it won't be long before he is too big to fit comfortably.  We did buy him a large bed that you can see in one of the pictures so hopefully he ends up there and not pushing us off the couch!  He loves his chew toys but is going through them quickly!  We need to buy him a new one every week to replace the ones he destroys!   He is a great addition to our family and is very loved!
Lesley, Calgary Ab.


Hi Sylvie & Marc !

I know it hasn't been long since the last update I gave you but I dont want you to miss too much! When we first brought Heidi home she weighed 8 pounds, she now weighs 30 pounds!!! She looks like a whole new puppy, but still cute as a button and good as gold. Just wanted to attatch some photos to show the obvious transformation so far.



Hi Marc, Rocky here.
Guess whose birthday it is!!! MINE!! I AM ONE YEAR OLD!!! I had a little birthday bash this morning! I didn't like the hat pulls my hair. My mom says she wants to move to Costa Rica! How exciting!!! I watched a show on Antarctica the other day. They have LOTS of snow and icebergs. I hope this Costa Rica place is just like that. I will Google it after to see. Now that the weather is getting cooler, I'm a happier boy! I cannot wait for the snow!!! Don't tell my mom that, she says that that is a bad word!
Speaking of bad word. I learned one. Neuter!! I heard my people talking about this and was so excited to get me one of these neuter things!!! Then I googled that word. I would very much NOT like to do this neutering thing!! My dad says it is supposed to be healthier. My mom told him to do it to himself see how he feels! Have I mentioned that I love my mom!?I got a HUGE bone for my birthday! I was so excited that I promptly buried it in my mom's flower bed to save for later. Apparently, this is not proper young man behaviour. If that is the case, then I won't tell her that the two deck spindles for the side deck are missing...because of me, not because Dad didn't count them right. Ha ha! Sorry Dad!
I have figured out that I am much stronger than my mom. She doesn't know that yet so don't tell her. I'm going to surprise her next year when we are walking and a butterfly flies by. It will be fun! Speaking of butterflies.....they are all GONE! I'm a very happy boy, I really dislike them.
Well, I should go now, we are going to go for a birthday walk in the woods! I'm so excited!! But I'm keeping my eyes friend Bob the lab said his people told him that one day and he woke up the next day neutered!!
Hope you like my pictures.
Take care,


Riley is doing fantastic and growing like a weed.....
Hope all is well,
Candice & Travis Demers


Hello Marc and SylvieI hope this email finds you and your family happy and well. It has been a while since I have sent along an update of Ryker.  He has had a great summer with us at the cottage spending his days swimming and chasing squirrels , he will miss the place this winter. Ryker now weighs 135 pounds and is huge and so beautiful . We are fortunate to live beside the lake here, Gillies Lake, and so many trail systems in bush beside us as well so walking Ryker daily is a favorite activity of his while in town. I can't get over the fact that when I go out .. he never chews a thing. He is so well behaved in the house . we have always had a lab.. they chew everything for the first two years, Ryker has been such an easy puppy. When it 's time for a walk he gets his leash for us... time to go ! He receives many pats on the head and many comments on every walk. Everyone loves a St.Bernard.  One of the funniest things Ryker has mastered is the canoe ride. My husband minnow traps, supplies a local store, and Ryker is his new trapping partner. At first ken wasn't sure if they would both end up in the pond but this St. Bernard loves a canoe. We will see how well it goes next summer , I'm sure he will be a heavier partner by then for the end of a canoe. Attached are some photos for you to see how handsome a boy Ryker has grown into. November 26 Ryker will be one yr. old. We are enjoying this gentle big fellow .Bye for now.. we will be in touch later with winter photos.From kim, ken and Ross timmins


Hey just figured I would send you an update on Stella. She had been doing really well her urinal infection is all gone and she is growing so fast. We went to the vet the other day and she weighs 102lbs now at just over 11 months.  She just loves other dogs and children, and has become quite the big cuddler . Here are some recent photos.Colin and Allyssa


Hi Marc, Here's Bruno with my daughter's dog. He went to the vet today and weighs 110 pounds.

He's very agile, strong fast and man he can jump. He's a gentle giant..he still has some filling out to do. He's awesome, hope all is well.



Hi Marc,
 Augustus is amazing, such a great dog... Weighs in at 114 pounds. He spends his days at a doggy daycare socializing with all sorts of dogs, the tiny ones lay on his back. He loves his stuffed toys.
Here's a picture of Augustus doing his best impression of a dog bed lol .


Hi Guys.
Just wanted to let you know Dozer is doing great. He's 18 weeks and weighs 59lbs. He is in good shape and healthy. He is a big suck and well loved by us and everyone that meets him. We couldn't be more happier with our new member of our Family.
Thank you so much.
Bruce and Geraldine Manning


Hi Marc and Sylvie. Theo is now 1 year old (black) and Otto is 2. They were enjoying a fall day here. Now they are loving the snow. Absolutely great pals and they continue to give us such joy. Wanted to let you know we have moved, but only about a block away from where we were, so still easy to find. If you get the chance, stop by. I do daycare and one of the families I work for fell in love with Otto, before Theo even arrived. I believe you have a puppy for them and they ...are so anxious. Will be nice, another friend for Otto and Theo. It is funny how hard they play together, but yet, when you take them to the dog park, they play gently with all the other dogs. And they don't put up with any tom foolery between the other dogs either, lol. They keep things under control. Bye for now, Michael and Michele.
Theo and Otto are St-Bernese


HI Marc and Sylvie
Hope all is well!  Have you guys started your Christmas shopping yet?
Just a little update on Guinness!  Guinness just turned 1 today, he is a st Bernard pup! Weights 145lbs and is doing very well!
He has quite the personality and can be quite stubborn too at times lol but we love him to pieces!  He is a very Loveable with everyone!  Loves people, kids, and other dogs! He doesn't realize his size at all, as he tries to sit on us all the time and weights a ton!  he is our baby boy and we couldn't be more happier having him in our lives! I have you guys to thank for allow my dream come true and having my St Bernard!  I wish I could have many more maybe one day I will!  Thanks again!


In all the excitement of getting Murphy, I forgot to ask you something - would you be able to let me know how big Sam and Nanook are?  At 19 weeks old, Murphy weights 48.6 lbs !  Not sure if that means he's going to be a big boy or not but he sure is cute and we love him to death !!!!  We've had snow here and it's so fun to watch him run around with his nose buried in the snow. We've taken him into the Rocky Mountains for a nice walk and he loved it.  New smells from all sorts of animals!  I've attached a few pictures of his adventure.

 Thanks Marc!



Hi Marc & Sylvie, Piper just celebrated her 1st birthday! I can't believe how time flies! She is growing more and more, and really starting to fill out now. She must be over 100lbs because I have been unable to lift her for a while now lol. She LOVES all food, people and other dogs and animals. The past 5 weeks she has been a little sister to a rescue Pit Bull mix I have taken in to foster temporarily. She is the sweetest girl...and also the biggest sock thief! I love her to bits!Thank you so much for the perfect pup :) She gets compliments everywhere we go..
Have a Merry Christmas!


Hi Marc and Sylvie, Just wanted to send a little update on Kyley. She is doing wonderfully, growing like a bad weed; 19 weeks and 56 pounds!! The kids love to play with her and even my older dogs like having her around. Tragically, I lost one of my Great Pyrenees recently due to very rare kidney failure as a result of lyme disease. It was completely heartbreaking, she had always been treated for fleas and ticks and during her illness we did everything we could for her but she was just so ill. It was all so sudden and quickly progressed, poor Kyley lost a playmate but she has helped me through it all and I am so very thankful to have her to ease the pain of the loss. Molly was only 7 years old. Kyley is almost done puppy kindergarten and is the biggest and most friendly and playful dog in the class. I am pretty sure she is going to pass with flying colours but she does have a stubborn streak although owning Pyrs already taught me A LOT about that!!!


Hi, Marc and Silvie  Just wanted to send some pics of Riley who is growing fast. Her service dog training has been interrupted while I was operated on a couple of times but we have started again. She continues to enjoy training and is very well behaved when she is in public. When she is at home she is a typical giant breed puppy getting into everything including counter surfing. She has finished her socialization training and we are now focusing on obedience training. She has been retrieving in play and we are going to start using this for task training. I wanted to thank you again for such a good girl and words could not begin to tell you how much she means to us. I have been through 4 operations on my kidney since we brought her home and she has been my motivation to keep going. Hopefully we will be tackling restaurant visits with Riley in the new year and after that church. Jim and I wish you, your family and the dogs a very Merry Christmas


Our beautiful Ava.. Thank you so much for the most wonderful dog ever. We love her so much.. Thanks again..


Hi Marc :) josh and i just wanted to let you know that mabel is doing fantastic. she's growing like a weed, loves her kibble, has taken great enjoyment romping around in the snow (that's finally arrived!), and has taken to her crate like her own little bedroom. we are so excited to watch her grow and develop. thank you for giving us such a wonderful christmas gift. greer, josh, & mabel


Hi Marc and Sylvie,
Happy new year!!
Here are some photos of Huey with his new brother, Oskar and sister, Ivi.
He has been beyond incredible, just as he was when Lukas was born. He lies next to them, walks carefully around them, licks them gently when given permission and has been by my side for every night time feed. He is our true angel, a real saint . We hope you are all doing well and all the best for 2016!
Keep in touch,
Lia, Jonathan, Lukas, Ivi, Oskar and Huey


Hi Marc hi Sylvie
We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.
We continue to enjoy life with Ryker. He was very excited to welcome Ross home from school this December. He sat on Ross' knee like he thought he was a lap dog. . I guess he is to us though ..ha
Ryker continues to enjoy our three grandchildren. He is a big gentle, and is learning all the time to be careful of his small sidekicks. I babysit Melody part time so she is becoming his partner in crime on those mornings. Melody is 18 months old and thinks Ryker is the greatest buddy ever.
Now that we actually have some snow he enjoys sniffing out anything he can find buried in the layers.
Happy New Year to you and yours ,
kim , ken and Ross Beamish.


Hello Marc.  Just thought we'd let you know that Murphy is still the greatest puppy in the world!!!  We took him to get weighed yesterday and he is now 79.6 lbs (36.1 kg) at 6 1/2 months old.  He loves going out for walks and going to the off-leash parks throughout Calgary.  He is such a social boy.  There isn't a dog or person he doesn't want to say hello to.  Our 2 year old grandson loves him but wishes that Murphy didn't give so many kisses!!  Here's a picture we just took so that you can see what a beautiful boy he is.
Lesley and Wayne


"Hi Marc! Just wanted to let you know that Mabel is doing really well. She loves everyone she meets and has MANY friends...both humans and dogs alike! She went to doggy daycare for the first time this week and became buds with some pups her age - a Chocolate Lab and a German Shepherd.She makes A LOT of eye contact, and I have been told, by many, that eye contact is a huge sign of intelligence in dogs! We are thrilled. In fact, she has been picking up on training very fast (so the proof is in the pudding!). So far she knows: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, no, yes, gentle, up, off, paw, watch me, go to your crate, and heel (especially inside). The puppy biting has gotten much better, but she still has her moments and can be a sassy pants. She is not always fond of the word "no," but overall she knows when we mean business! She responds really well to consistency. That's been the most helpful training advice...practice, practice, practice!

She is weighing in currently at 30 lbs at 15 weeks. She gained 4.5 lbs in the past week so i'm hoping this growth spurt continues and she can live up to her "giant" breed name!

We can't wait to see how she continues to develop!

With love,
Greer, Josh & Mabel"
Mabel is a St-Bernese


Hi Marc,
Just wanted to send some photos of Mya, she doing great! She must be over 70 lbs now, and still growing. Her back hips are still quite a bit higher than her shoulders, so she isn't near done her height just yet!
Can get over how well behaved and calm she is. Very smart, and catches onto trick very fast. She doesn't seem to care much about the car rides, she rather just stay at home a snuggle on the couch.
Anyways hope all is well.


Miss Ava wasn't sure what this thing was but she figured she has a new friend :)


HI Marc!
Wish you and your family a
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
From Colleen, Jason and Guinness


Hi Marc 
Stella settling in nicely. A lot more rambunctious than when we picked her up. Josh sleeps downstairs with her and she loves her crate. She woke up last night from 12- 2 and was running around the basement haha. She's already learnt how to answer to her name and to come when we call. We've been hand feeding her as a reward for training. 
Our daughter is scared of her though bc she follows her around and wants to play and nips but that'll pass. 
Here's a few pics of her. 
Take care!!! 


Hi Marc!!!! 

It's Rocky here, giving you a long overdue update.  (Saint Bernese born Oct 27 2014)

I love me some winter.  It was cold and there was snow everywhere!  My dad made me huge snow piles so I could bury things in it, dig, and jump from one to another like a lunatic! The snow has started to melt which makes me sad, but happy, because there are so many toys someone left in the snow piles!  They almost look familiar...

I have really wanted a friend that is as big and tough and handsome as me.  Oops mom is yelling at me to stop bragging about myself.  Anyway, as the winter went by, it looked like that wasn't going to happen. We all wanted a Valley Ranch dog, but we weren't ready for a small puppy. Then one night, my mom kept pacing around the house all nervous and excited.  I was really hoping she wasn't thinking about neutering me.

Then she went outside.  And I heard a commotion, so out behind her and killed the robber.  (Hi Mark, this is Natalie.  Please excuse Rocky he is a teenager and tends to lie a bit).  Fine!! I hid behind the door and waited for my mom to give me the "all clear" signal. And when she did I saw the most beautiful hairy girl in the world.  I sauntered over like a super stud.....FINE!!! I tripped over my feet in my excitement and fell down the stairs.  Apparently, she is staying!  Yay!  Except when she steals my spot on the bed, then I'd like her to leave.

Hi Marc, Mocha here....formally known as Amelia. (Saint Pyrenees born July 12, 2015)

When I got here, I was pretty nervous, but the short alpha that Rocky calls mom and the big man that brought me here made me feel right at home.  And there is even a kid!!  I made her mine right away. There is also Rocky....He is super sweet and I love him!

Things were pretty weird for the first few days.  I had to teach the big lug Rocky that I was the boss, then I wasn't allowed to kill the THREE cats that live here......and did you know that you are not allowed to steal socks!?!  Even the dirty ones!?!  I'm also not allowed to bark at the neighbours who clearly go outside just to bug me.  There were a lot of "NO's" which is something I haven't heard much before.  But the short alpha mom says I am a VERY smart girl and am learning quickly. When she isn't looking I bark under my breath at the neighbours.  Yikes, she just yelled out that she knows I do that! She has eyes and ears everywhere...geesh!

I have been here for a few weeks now and the cats and I are making friends. I'm trying reallllllly hard not to chase them when they are outside with me. I've learned what I'm allowed to do and what I'm not allowed to do.  I fit in here like a pea in a pod.  I'm so happy....except the only thing I don't like about living here is the robot vacuum...they have named it Roomba.  Roomba tried to kill me!

Hi Marc,

Natalie here.  Well, as you can see from the above, we finally got a second Valley Ranch dog.  I was so happy to find out Mocha was one of yours.  At least she is from a fine pedigree.  She is such a smart, loving dog.  I was pretty unsure about her at first, but like Rocky, she has wormed her way into all our hearts in the short time we have had her.  We have had some bumps in the road, and I knew there would be since she was already raised by another family.  However, she has an amazing ability to adapt.  And she is so smart! She learned very quickly what she is and isn't allowed to do.  It's been a breeze!  Both Rocky and Mocha are so similar but different at the same time.  Rocky, is a big loving, smart, loyal and easy going dog.  He doesn't have a care in the world.  Mocha is a loving, smart, sweet girl, but she is always watching to make sure all is well and protected.  They are both such amazing dogs! Thanks


Hi Marc and Sylvie, just a quick update. I have healed enough from the surgery that Riley and I can start service dog training again. Her task training is going very well and she loves to pick things up and hold them for me. We had her back out to the shops today and for being off so long she did quite well  She is a long way from perfect but we have lots of time. I am finding her medical alert training challenging as she does not like to use the alert cue I am teaching her. She would rather signal me with a paw that something is wrong so I have changed tactics on this and let her have her way because it comes more naturally for her. She is sensitive as well as smart and has given three good alerts when I was in trouble so this is a great start. At home she is a happy go lucky puppy filled with curiosity and in to everything.She is now at the stage where she is testing boundries to see what she can get away which makes life interesting from time to time. I am finding it very difficult to keep people away from her when she is in harness because everyone wants to pet and make a fuss of her. I know they mean well but they are a real distraction when you are trying to keep her attention focused on you. Everywhere we go people always comment on her lovely temperment and good looks which is nice to hear.We just wanted you to know that we are thrilled with her progress and we are so grateful you let us have such a wonderful girl. We wish you all the best Jen Jim and Riley


Hey Marc:) 

Rosie's first week here has been great couldn't Be more happy!!The kids are having so much fun with her! I'm loving her personality shes so funny. Shes a little horder anything new she finds she takes it right to her crate (so if a shoe is missing we know where to look) lol. She is so loveable❤ she loves being outside every stick and leaf she finds is so exciting to her! Everyone Rosie has met fell inlove with her, my parents have called or text everyday for updates on her :) she is one lucky pup!!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts 

Kelsey & Andy


Hi Marc, 
Finn is absolutely perfect!! He is the most easy going puppy, so content and smart! He hasn't messed in the house yet! My two cats are not to fond of him (really hoping they come around) Finn doesn't seem to care one bit though!Completely ignores them. He loves being around other the family dogs and really holds his own. He thinks he's bigger than what he is !! I can't wait to start puppy school with him. 
Thank you so much!! 


Hello Marc...Just letting you know Topanga is fitting in the family nicely, she's amazing. I am so pleased to have had this opportunity to find such great breeders. Topanga loves her food lol, to play with her fur siblings, sleep and out side time. I can't wait to see how she is going to grow. Our 8.5yr old Border Collie (Askkem)and our 2.5yr old smooth coat Saint Bernard (Tillie) just adore her and they all play nicely together.Thank You Donna and Paul


Good evening Marc sending some pictures of Orchid and her family Orchid is doing really good we all love her


Hi Marc and Sylvie!
 I just want to tell you we are in LOVE with our little Princess!  Well, really not so little LOL!  I have attached a few pictures but I will send you more.  She is beyond AWESOME!!!
 I hope all is well with you and Sylvie!


Dear Marc,
Just wanted to let you know that Mabel is doing really well. On Sunday she weighed 51 lbs at 6 months and is growing everyday. Right now, her hair is changing like CRAZY...into a true St. Bernard coat. In one of the pictures I have attached she really looks like Ruby, but she definitely has Maverick accents here and there! 
I can't believe what a wonderful young adult she is turning into. We finish obedience training this week and she has definitely been the top in her class! The consistent training has really paid off and she is earning our trust more and more all the time. 
We love to take her to the dog park. Everyone knows her name, even before they know who we are! She is such a ham. Also, she loves going on hikes with us. She loves walking on "slants" and is living up to her "mountain dog" ancestry! It's so fun to watch her hang out in the forest. It's one of her favorite places. 
Thank you again for giving us such a loyal, loving, and fun addition to our family! 
Greer, Josh & Mabel


Dear Marc and Sylvie, just a few shots of Bentley with his matching horse and girl!!
He continues to be a very unique character, amusing all who know him. He is very 
vocal and talks alot, especially at 5:30 pm precisely!!!! He loves to go to the beach
and romp with his buddies...he is very strong at 140 lbs so trying to keep him from
knocking into others keeps us busy!! he is still very much a puppy at heart. We love 
him to glad to have found him..hope you are all doing well..are you doing 
the sugar maples yet? Bentley sends hugs and kisses xoxo


Hi Marc, 
Just wanted to give you an update on Diesel, he is doing very well. Him and our other dog get along really good, him and the cat not so much hopefully that changes. He loves to sleep a lot, and then will be active the next minute. Everyone that meets him fall in love with him.
Thanks so much, 


Hi MarcWe love Bear. He has such a personality...... He is a very busy boy, we had satellite dog fencing put in which allows him 44 acres to roam. I was having a hard time keeping him home and from visiting the neighbors. It works great and he knows his boundaries and I am now not chasing him all over. He loves to ride on anything. I cant even cut the grass with out him climbing onto my lawnmower. He loves to chase the mini ponies and alapacas he just wants to play all the time. He is hilarious! Hope all is well with you!


Hi Marc, 

Hope you are well! Finn is doing wonderful!! He is insanely stubborn and very independent!! He is a ham to walk stops for everyone and waits to be pet!! I can't get over how much he has grow!! Was 25 lbs at 12 weeks now weighs 30 at 13 weeks and much taller. 

Thank you so much he has made life so wonderful!! 



THANK YOU for Nuna, the newest love of our lives. She has settled nicely and everyone loves her including the cats! She's just the sweetest! She flew really well out to beautiful British Columbia and soon will be swimming off the west coast beaches of Sooke! Thanks again Marc! We will totally recommend you!


Hi Marc and Sylvie!
Here's a few photos of Kallie ! She will be 2 on July 7th! She's a very happy, loving friendly dog. She gets along with our son Braylon (who is 4) great and she is in love with our newest addition Braxton (he's 3 months old).
Just wanted to give you an update on her as it's been awhile!


Hi Marc and Sylvie, Here are some pics of Koa on his first few days with us. He is settling in really well and we are completely in love with our new furry buddy. We have a forest path on our property which we walk him carefully on to make sure he doesn't pick up anything or get his face into anything that could make him sick (before his next set of shots). Mostly he just likes to hang out on our front porch and watch the world go by/sleep his days away. Thanks again for everything. It was pleasure. Cathy, Chris and Violet PS. He is obsessed with sleeping with his face buried into our shoes. I guess we should keep a close eye on that!!!


Hello Marc and Sylvie..I hope this finds you and your family happy and well. Summer has finally arrived in Timmins and we are on holiday at the cottage. Ryker enjoying his swims and pontoon rides.what did we ever do without our St. Bernard lol we sure enjoy his personality.he is a big gentle Ben and loves the grand children and his buddies (my children's dogs) at the cottage. Ryker is now 150 lbs at last weigh in..we thought he would weigh in heavier but the vet assures us that he is a very fit animal. He enjoys his walks and now the swims at the cottage as well.he follows us in the kayaks along the shore while we look for treasures :)


Good Morning Marc,

Just wanted to let you know Reuben had settled in fantastically! At his check up at 9 weeks he was a wooping 18.5 lbs!
He is so smart, already knows 2 commands and is quickly learning more. He has acclimated fantastically into the family with my 18 month daughter and the cats. We are all so in love with him. Everyone who meets him is amazed with his kind and calm disposition.
Thanks again Marc! You will definitely hear from us again.Kind Regards,


Hi Marc and Sylvie!
  We wanted to send you some updated pictures of Princess!  She has had all of her shots and is in great health!  She weighs 60 lbs LOL!  She is a big girl but so gentle!  We love her to death. She loves to come for rides in the truck, she loves the horses and most of all her buddy is the house cat Lucky  She is so smart.  We have no complaints at ALL.  We would get another puppy in a heart beat!
Talk soon,Annmarie and Mike


Kona is such a good boy. He's doing great and is going for his shots soon. He already knows how to sit and lay down!!
Kona is a St-Bernese


Hi Marc and family just passing along a picture of Orchid playing in her pool, she loves playing in the water and she is doing well.. Brenda and Stacey.


Good evening Marc:
Topanga is now 4.5 months old and growing like a weed (almost the same size as our other Saint Bernard) she is an amazing girl who loves her big sister Tillie to bits. Topanga and Tille are to pea's in a pod, what one does the other isn't far behind. Topanga loves to play with Tillie and bug her fur brother Asskem, loves her food, to bed groomed and just all in all the sweetest girl. We adore her and everything about her makes us chuckle, and are very happy Topanga joined our family. As you know we moved to prince Edward Island the beginning of June and she was a very good girl and did awesome in the car during our travels. Thank You for taking pride in your dogs and allowing us to have one of them////forever grateful.
Donna and Paul


Hi Marc, hope you are enjoying your summer! It sure is a hot one!! 
Finn is doing so well! He spends his nights sleeping in the bathtub! It must be cool in there for him :) He is very sociable and loves to say hit to everyone we meet on our walks. He is the happiest pup I know!! He's not huge on swimming but loves to submerge himself in water and watch other dogs play fetch. 
Thank you so much!


Hi Marc and Sylvie,

I wanted to write you guys to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. I hope that you are all doing well and that all the dogs are happy and healthy :)

Huey continues to be the most incredible dog in the world!!! He is the apple of our eye, our oldest and furriest baby (and biggest ;). He is our "Puppy angel". 

The kids also adore him. Ivi and Oskar (the twins) are now 18 months old. They are walking and talking. They both gravitate to Huey each day and give him so much attention! Oskar has learned how to say commands like, "Huey, come!" And "take it!", when itms time for him to eat. They both know to respect him and not to touch him while he's eating or to touch his tail, etc. It is so sweet to see how much they adore him! All the kids love to get kisses from him and Huey always loves to be part of the action-often squeezing in to sit on my lap while i'm playing with the kids on the carpet. Most recently, Lukas has started asking to take Huey out for a walk, and of course we do that together (Lukas just turned 3), much to Huey's delight! :)

Wishing you and your family all the best for a happy and healthy 2017!

Lia, Jonathan, Lukas, Ivi, Oskar and Huey Zifkin :)


Hi Marc and Sylvie 
Hope all is well!Just a little update on how Guinness (my St. Bernard) is doing!We just celebrated Guinness's second birthday yesterday Nov 26, and he is around 150lbs.Guinness found the summer very hot this year, so he got to chill inside with the a/c most of those crazy hot days! Now that winter is here, he is a very happy puppy! We did some hiking this year (which Guinness loved) and we take big long walks in the back field where he can run around freely.He sure likes to keep myself and my family on our toes all the times but I am so thankful to have him! He is my big baby! ❤️️
Thank you guys again so much for allowing Guinness to be apart of my life!Wouldn't be the same without him! 


Hello Marc,
Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for 2017!
I thought I'd send you a few pictures of Murphy lounging on 'his' couch!  As soon as we get up, he immediately jumps up!  He's doing well and loves the winter snow.  We've had such cold weather for the past two weeks - most days with the wind chill seems to be around -25 yet he still enjoys going out.  We try and limit his time out because we're not sure if he'd even realize his paws were freezing since he's so happy to be able to jump around in the snow. 
Lesley, from Calgary :)


Hi Marc & Sylvie!
Just sending an update on the lovely Piper. What an amazing dog she has turned out to be. She is so well trained and skilled, learns fast, loves food, people, dogs, other animals and kiddos. Everyone who sees her or meets her falls absolutely in love with her. She even was recently certified as a therapy dog through Therapy Tails Ontario! We will be starting our visits with Durham Mental Health shortly :) This amazing girl just turned 2yrs on Nov 27th. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have this outstanding dog in my life!

-Kayla :)


Jim and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog she has given me my independence back and has helped me through a difficult recovery. She is working very well as my Service dog and we grow closer as a team every day that passes. She is a very smart girl and we are so grateful to have her here. We wish you Sylvie and the family a wonder Christmas and A happy New Year Godbless,
Jen and Jim


Marc and family...Hope your Christmas and New Year was a joyous one. Topanga is now almost 11 months old and 153lbs, she is always making us laugh with her crazy antics. Topanga is a joy to have, we Love her even when she's being a stubborn Saint Bernard. The first snowfall she wasn't to sure of as we didn't get much, the first real snow fall (lots of snow) she loved it. This was her first Christmas and we made it special even though she wasn't to happy wearing the Santa hat... lol.
Donna from P.E.I.


Hello Marc,
Just wanted to send you an update. Sheeva is doing great! She is such a sweetheart and so so smart! She loves to talk back when told No! Lol. She really completes our doggie family. She gets along well with the other dogs and gets right in there when they are playing and running around and oh boy does she like to chew!! She loves to snuggle and have her belly rubbed!!Hope you had a Merry Christmas!